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Forum Rules & Regulations

on Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:17 pm
Here are the rules and regulations for the forum that all users are permitted to follow to help things run smoothly and ensure that The Artists Oasis is a safe and friendly environment for everyone. Please read over these rules carefully before posting or engaging in any activities on the forum.

  • Our top priority is to make sure this forum is a friendly and welcoming place for all members. Please be respectful and kind to everyone, it's hard (especially for newer artists) to share their work with others, if people aren't respectful of their work then members will be less inclined to share what they've created and we want this to be a place for everyone of all levels to feel safe and want to share what they've made.

  • Keep swearing and cussing to a minimum, Mods will warn you if they witness too much vulgar language and if there's a great amount of it there's a chance your post may be deleted entirely.

  • Absolutely no art theft will be tolerated. You may use images that aren't made by yourself as your profile pictures, and other things such as a banner,or signature, etc, but no art that has been made by anyone other than yourself may be used to be sold for any type of profit. If Mods or Admins see any trace of art theft you will have your content deleted and you will be banned.

  • No spamming is allowed in the forums. Bumping a post is allowed but to keep things to a minimum you may bump a post five times within a 24 hour period. Excessive bumping to keep a post on the top of the list is not allowed and Mods will send you a warning the first time. If excessive spamming continues your post may be locked or deleted.

  • Please no "trolling" on the forums. The Artists Oasis is a place for all artists to feel welcomed and included and when users that "troll" the forums, it makes users feel reluctant to post or engage in activities among the forum. Trolling is defined on Google as "Make a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them." The Mods and admins on The Artists Oasis don't allow this type of deliberate behavior on our site and you may face moderate to severe consequences based on your actions.

  • Setting another user up in a scam on the forums is not allowed. Scams such as stealing art and claiming and selling it as your own, taking customers money and never finishing/delivering their order, etc is not allowed on the forums. We encourage artists to require payment for an art piece after the piece is completely finished and the customer is satisfied. This method helps ensure no scams or accidents happen. If a user is reported for scamming they will be immediately banned. Keeping customers regularly updated helps users stay in the know and can also greatly improve how your shop functions.

  • Advertisements to other sites unrelated to what the site is about are not allowed and are considered a type of spam. There will be places on the forum for you to link to websites unrelated to art but if there are links to sites (such as your Facebook page, a Twitter dedicated to your favorite celebrity, etc.) on your posts on threads (banners linking to other sites in your signature are allowed but not an excess) that Mods or Admins see, they will be removed to keep the forum clean and on topic.
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